Senate update: four new student organizations, Elections Act and Procedural Modifications Act approved

| January 17, 2017

The UNC Charlotte Student Government Association (SGA) had their weekly legislative meeting Jan. 12.

Message from the Senate

Student Body Vice President and Leader of the Senate Carrie Nowell and Student Body President Fahn Darkor discussed various events and meetings organized for SGA to start off the new semester, such as a spring planning meeting and an Association of Student Government (ASG) meeting.

Interfaith Niners Initiative

A vacant room in the Cone University Center is going to be transformed during the summer to accommodate the Interfaith Niners Initiative and be used as a functional space. Student Body President Fahn Darkor will continue working with the Chancellor about updates on this project.

Approved Legislature: Campaign Rules and Regulations 

A new bill, called the Elections Act and Procedural Modifications Act, by Internal Affairs was approved by the Senate. The bill makes modifications to the regulations in campaigning, advertising, spending limits and expense reports involved in SGA elections.

Funding for Student Organizations

Various different student organizations were approved for funding. The overall grant money for all of these organizations totaled $8,228.63.

New Student Organizational Approval Bill

The Senate approved of the following new student organizations:

Business Innovation Club – A multidisciplinary organization that provides a platform for graduate students to explore and apply innovative concepts. It brings together students from a versatile range of academic areas and experience levels for joint learning.

Intersections UNC Charlotte – An organization that brings together students to learn biblical principles that can help them grow as ethical leaders. Encourages strength, faith and new perspectives of success no matter what career they choose. The club is primarily business-oriented but open to everyone, regardless of where they are spiritually or academically.

Water Polo Club – An intramural club that provides a competitive water polo environment for those who are interested. Members are able to attend games and gain effective and fun practice in water polo.

D.O.P.E. (Dreams of Pursuing Entertainment) – An organization that is intended for artists, musicians, producers, etc. to create fully produced performances on campus.

Ideas for New Legislature

The Internal Affairs Committee introduced an idea for Comprehensive Senate Leadership Remodeling Act, designed to balance power between members of the Senate and maximize efficiency. The bill would eliminate the Vice President and Pro Tempore roles and transform it into a Speaker’s Office, where all of the administrative powers will be transferred.

The bill has not been approved yet because the Constitution would have to be modified in order for the legislature to take effect.

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