Photo by Joseph Cultice.
Photo by Joseph Cultice.

You know those songs that get stuck in your head, not the ones that are annoying and keep you up all night because that is all you hear in your head, but the good upbeat tunes that keep you dancing throughout the day. Well Fitz and the Tantrums are one of those bands that have many of these tunes. It seems to be how they write their music, upbeat and catchy. They are also the band that you know more songs by them than what you think you do. From their catchy tunes that are featured on commercials to the upbeat songs that you hear every now and then on the radio, the chances of you hearing a Fitz and the Tantrums song and not knowing it is them is very likely. For instance you would probably recognize their song, “The Walker” with its catchy whistle theme that was used in a Sprite commercial, a few movie trailers, an opening theme to a talk show and in a FOX sitcom. With that many features, it’s hard to forget the tune.      

“HandClap” is another song of theirs that you will find yourself singing and dancing to throughout the day. You would probably recognize this song from a FIAT commercial and also their signature catchiness, the beat along with the hand claps. This is one of their newer song that was featured on their latest self-titled album that came out in June of this year. Although the band has been around since 2008, recently they have been gaining popularity from the mainstream music scene. This is partly due to the rise in popularity of indie pop and their song features on T.V., movies, video games and other videos on the Internet. The other part of their recent popularity growth is the fact that they are a good band producing quality music, something that most people are looking for in bands they listen to.      

All together, they have 3 albums and in my opinion, they do not have a bad song. This band started as a solo neo-soul project by their lead singer, Michael Fitzpatrick. He added in some friends and then formed what they are today. The band’s retro indie pop sound was formed from inspirations such as Motown and Fitzpatrick playing on an old church organ.

Fitz and the Tantrums don’t seem to be leaving the music scene anytime soon, if anything they will keep gaining popularity. Right now they are headlining their own tour called Come Get Your Love and will be performing in Charlotte on Wednesday Nov. the 9. The concert will be held at The Fillmore near Uptown. Tickets have yet to sell out, but they are not far from it, so if you would like to go and enjoy a night of catchy tunes then I would suggest getting your tickets soon. If a concert does not fit your budget or if you are stuck working or studying, then check these guys out. They will add a little pep to your day with their music.