Photo by Allison Tran.
Photo by Allison Tran.

On Friday Oct. 20, the Campus Activity Board hosted their Fall Talent Show in McKnight Hall, allowing 13 gifted students to take the stage and be recognized for their talents. Talent shows have a tendency to be over saturated with certain types of performances, but this was not a problem here. I was impressed by the wide range of acts, each distinct enough so that nothing felt like a repeat or too similar to something that had come before. Each singer had something unique to set them apart from the others; each dance crew performed in a different style, each rapper had a distinct sound and performance.

As amazing as the talents were on their own, the hosts of the show, Daniel Watson and Destefano St. Germain, were largely responsible for the overall success of the night. These two kept the crowd engaged and entertained throughout the show, even when technical difficulties threatened to dampen the mood, with their hilarious interactions with each other and audience members.

A bit of a running theme cropped up towards the end of the night when several contestants  accompanied their talent with a well-crafted video. The third place winner, Nekeith played the music video for the song he was performing. Nekeith owned the stage as though he was headlining a concert with his brilliant and crowd energizing performance. Brittany Moss and Caleb Lanford, a singer and a piano duo, also fell into this category with a video showcasing all the various forms of protest in regards to the recent police shooting in Charlotte. The video was powerful in itself, highlighting not only the events in Charlotte and on our campus, but the way students from other universities reacted. Coupled with the beautiful song, it made for a breathtaking and emotional performance that earned her second place.

There were several more outstanding performances including, but hardly limited to, a mind-blowing dance routine and light show and a duo whose catchy yet somewhat goofy song describing the type of woman they’re looking for produced a strong reaction from the female portion of the audience. But ultimately a dance group called SubUnit Dance Crew was crowned the winner for their excellent futuristic hip-hop dance routine. Although I could only highlight a handful of the outstanding talents featured in the show during this article, every single person involved in the show deserves praise for what they delivered Friday night; the entire event was exceptional, far exceeding my expectations.