Anne Austin Pearce: Mesmerizing Answers

A collection of masterful artwork comes to the Rowe Galleries.

| October 29, 2016
Photo by Austin Chaney.

Photo by Austin Chaney.

If you’re looking for new aesthetically visual pleasures on campus, besides the Student Art Showcase in the Union Gallery, Anne Austin Pearce, a Kansas based artist, is currently exhibiting her collection in Rowe Gallery from Oct. 3 to Nov. 2.

As for the theme, Pearce gives a concrete depiction: “My work responds to the ambiguous and transient nature of – and dynamic relationship between – the mind and emotions, the physical and metaphysical. My work usually starts with what I perceive as an unanswerable question, and the quest for, or construction of answer(s) occurs in the process of painting and drawing. It is an exorcism through mark-making.” It’s not hard to tell that she has been working on trying to illustrate the process of creating works by using an artful way. She applies various watercolors, glitters, solids and cavities to shape different textures, creating a mixture of sensations.

You can also be innovative and reflect every piece with your own memories. Some are like the sky where thunderstorm and sunset are happening at the same time and where the brightest saffron yellow flows through sapphire blue; others are like the most sophisticated oriental embroideries on the finest satin, sewing every scattered elaborate piece together onto a giant crisp curtain. There’s not a certain definition or objectively right impression behind every piece, it’s all personal, all subjective as if every piece simply serves a platform for one to wander around and immense into his or her own mind.

Photo by Natasha Morehouse.

Photo by Natasha Morehouse.

Besides small pieces of collections, two giant hung pieces also grabbed my attention. Unlike other pieces which contain a variety of colors, Pearce only focused her colorful elaboration on the part where they intersect and touch the floor. The rest of the paper is illustrated with diluted black watercolor, being organized in a special pattern. Again, this is Pearce’s very own way to show her “answers occurred in the process of painting and drawing,” and the style of “exorcism through mark-making.”

Artists, in a way, are storytellers. They tell people stories in their innovative ways. Great artists even surprise people by expressing memories or phenomenon vividly. If you are fond of Pearce’s style and her ideas behind every piece, definitely go check out this showcase in Rowe Gallery. If you’re also interested in her other works, her website would be a great place to check out more about this artist.

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