Spoiler Warning for this week’s episode of “The 100”

The 100 -- Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia -- Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW
The 100 — Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia — Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW

After a short hiatus, “The 100” is back along with the heartbreak and betrayal that is all too familiar to the characters and viewers alike. With incredibly high stakes, the war between the Grounders and Sky People continues to brew. This episode is a thrilling return to the world of “The 100,” however, there are problems present.

Following the tragic death of Lexa in “Thirteen,” the conclave for the next Commander officially begins. Grounders believe that when a Commander dies, the spirit chooses the successor. During the conclave, the Nightbloods (Grounders with rare black blood that are descendants of Becca, the original Commander) battle to be selected by the Commander’s spirit. In the Polis tower, Clarke tells Murphy that they must assure that Aden be chosen as the next Commander; Aden was Lexa’s mentor. Titus brings Clarke and Murphy to where Lexa’s body is being prepared for her funeral. Aden’s loyalty towards Clarke and Skaikru is displayed as Aden and the Nightbloods bow down to Clarke. Ontari (Rhiannon Fish) of the Ice Nation bursts into the room and attempts to kill Clarke, but is stopped by King Roan. Ontari declares that when she becomes Heda, she will assure that Skaikru is eliminated. The exploration of the Grounder mythology is interesting and helps to further develop the story.

Over in Arkadia, Lincoln tries to bring hope to his fellow Grounders in the jail cell. Kane takes note of Lincoln’s positivity and tells him that he inspires the Grounders to not give up. Pike and several guards arrive at the jail cell to alert Kane, Lincoln and Sinclair that they have been sentenced to death for organizing the coup. He declares that the executions will take place in the morning. This shows Pike’s ruthlessness as a leader; he is willing to execute two of the Sky People’s most critical members. Bellamy and Monty visit with Miller and Harper to alert them of the upcoming executions. Bellamy reveals the listening device on Miller’s clothing. Miller and Harper clearly show their mistrust of the two, which Monty questions. Regardless of their lack of trust, they arrange a meeting between Octavia and Bellamy. Octavia knocks Bellamy unconscious and takes him to a cave where Indra waits. Indra and Bellamy share a few great scenes that demonstrate both characters’ love towards Octavia.

Back in Polis, Clarke questions Titus about Ontari’s right to participate in the conclave. Titus explains that Ontari is one of the Nightbloods and therefore may be selected as the next Commander. The sound of a horn interrupts their argument and draws their attention to the Throne Room. Ontari sits on the throne covered in blood, proudly holding the head of Aden. Titus and Clarke watch in horror as they realize what Ontari has done; she has also killed the other Nightbloods. Roan manages to smuggle Clarke and Murphy to the outskirts of Polis to protect them from Ontari. Clarke concludes that Roan must be against Ontari, but he explains that he supports her because of his allegiance to the Ice Nation. Roan references Clarke’s actions at Mount Weather as an example of how far Clarke is willing to go in order to protect her people, similar to how Ontari defends her people. Rather than leaving, Clarke formulates a plan to steal “the flame,” which is essentially the spirit of the Commander.

Clarke and Murphy make their way back into Polis and discover where the flame is being held. Titus arrives and begins discussing the flame with Clarke. The flame will be rejected by anyone that is not a Nightblood. Clarke is able to deduce that Ontari is not the only remaining Nightblood based on Lexa’s descriptions of her own conclave. Titus explains that a girl named Luna survived Lexa’s conclave, but fled from Polis. Clarke decides to take the flame to Luna and Titus declares Clarke the new Flamekeeper. He also sends Murphy to distract Ontari in order to give Clarke time to get away. Roan brings Titus before Ontari and explains that he has lost the flame. Titus calls Ontari out for her crimes and declares that she will never become the Commander. He slyly uses Roan’s knife to slit his own throat; before Titus dies, he utters a chilling message to Ontari: “for Lexa.” This creates a problem for Ontari as Titus was the only flamekeeper, at least as far as she knows.

The chaos continues in Arkadia as the rebel group’s prison break plan is underway. Pike allows Kane a few moments to say goodbye to Abby. Kane and Abby embrace and he tells her to stay away from the rebel group. The day of the execution arrives and Octavia concocts a plot to stop everything. Being that she was forced to hide from authorities for most of her life on the Ark, Octavia is able to hide Sinclair, Lincoln and Kane under a panel in the floor. Miller and his boyfriend Bryan, along with Abby, Harper and Monty all aid in an escape attempt from Arkadia and Pike’s leadership. Pike makes an announcement over the intercom that Lincoln and the others must turn themselves in or he will execute the remaining Grounder prisoners. Lincoln refuses to leave and makes a difficult decision to turn himself in. He and Octavia share a final goodbye; Lincoln drugs Octavia to prevent her from following him. Kane and the other prisoners make their way out of Arkadia as Octavia wakes up. She sees Lincoln being led by Pike to the center of Arkadia. Pike tells Lincoln that he won’t free the Grounder prisoners, but he also won’t kill them. Lincoln kneels on the muddy ground as Pike pulls out his gun. Pike shoots Lincoln in the head and his body collapses into a puddle as Octavia watches on in absolute devastation. The loss of Lincoln is a substantial emotional jab to both the characters and viewers. This will surely be a large splintering point in Bellamy and Octavia’s relationship as Bellamy contributed to the rise of Pike. Ricky Whittle gave a commendable performance as Lincoln during his run on the show.

“Stealing Fire” is a tragic returning episode of “The 100” and helps to establish the dreary and hopeless tone. Few minor problems exist, such as Raven’s complete absence and Murphy’s awkward role in the events of the episode. The death of Lincoln is not entirely shocking as it demonstrates just how far Pike is willing to go to maintain his power; losing the character is major as Lincoln has been in the series since the first season and has contributed to the relationship between the Sky People and the Grounders. Will Clarke be able to find Luna? Will Ontari be able to assume the role as Commander? Be sure to tune in to “The 100” next Thursday at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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