Spoiler Warning for this week’s episode of “The 100”

Paige Turco as Abby -- Credit: Bettina Strauss/The CW
Paige Turco as Abby — Credit: Bettina Strauss/The CW

The world of “The 100” changes drastically in the latest episode. However, could these changes be pushing the series down a road of destruction? With multiple strange character inconsistencies and a general feeling of overcrowding, this episode is one of the season’s weakest. Although, several developments do move the plot forward in an intriguing direction. As conflicts intensify, the bonds between the characters begin to shatter.

Following the not-so shocking death of Lincoln in last week’s episode, an angry and devastated Octavia reunites with Bellamy. She lashes out at him for his role in Pike’s rise to leadership, which led to Lincoln being executed. This emotional scene demonstrates the deep divide that has been forming between these two siblings. Octavia’s relationship with Bellamy has always been troubled, but episode marks a massive turning point for these characters. The insurgency led by Kane is one of the primary focuses of this episode. With Bellamy as their hostage, Kane leads several members of the insurgency, including Octavia, to the Dropship to meet with Monty. After his acts of espionage were discovered by his mother during last week’s episode, Monty is forced to sneak out of Arkadia to avoid persecution by Pike. He shares a final goodbye with his extremely irritating mother before he leaves. While outside of Arkadia, he manages to contact Kane and the others via walkie-talkie. At the Dropship, Octavia holds Bellamy at knife-point as Pike reveals himself with Monty as a hostage. Bellamy manages to overpower Octavia, giving Pike and his men a strategic advantage over the insurgency. Bellamy tells Pike that he is completely against the insurgency and offers to take Pike to the location of the other rebels. They make their way through the forest until they are stopped by the sound of horns. Pike quickly realizes that they have crossed the boundary of the Grounder blockade. After appearing to be on Pike’s side, Bellamy betrays the strained trust that Pike had in him. Bellamy hands Pike over to the Grounder warriors in a stunning display of change in Bellamy’s character; this whole season has featured Bellamy acting against the best interests of his people. Kane decides to tag along with the Grounders as they transport Pike to Polis and the new Commander. Meanwhile, Monty comes to terms with the fact that his own mother turned him in to Pike; this solidifies Monty’s mother as one of the worst characters in the series.

The other major storyline revolves around Raven and the City of Light. Since the second season’s finale, the City of Light has been teased and slowly revealed, with viewers and characters questioning its legitimacy. This episode solidifies the notion that the City of Light is indeed a cult with Jaha and A.L.I.E. leading. Raven attempts to ignore the constant presence of A.L.I.E. by overloading her senses. She listens to loud music, recites phrases and works out, all to keep A.L.I.E. from invading her mind. Her tactics aren’t exactly successful, so she enlists the help of Abby and Jasper to fully exit the City of Light. Raven is able to deduce a way to short-circuit the key in her head by using the wristbands that were worn by the 100 prisoners that were originally sent to Earth. Jasper is able to locate several spare wristbands, however, he is caught by Jaha and several of his followers. Meanwhile, A.L.I.E., under the command of Jaha, returns the feeling of pain to Raven in an attempt to break her down. This method turns out to be effective and Raven loses all control of herself; A.L.I.E. essentially infects Raven’s mind and turns her into a human robot. Jackson is also drawn to the City of Light and becomes one of the mindless minions that help further the goals of A.L.I.E. With nearly everyone in Arkadia losing their minds, Abby is pushed to her limits.

Jackson and Raven, under the control of A.L.I.E., capture Abby and force her to swallow one of the City of Light keys. She initially refuses, but A.L.I.E. slashes the wrists of Raven. Abby is given an incredibly horrific ultimatum: swallow the key and help Raven or watch her bleed out; Abby accepts the key and saves the life of Raven. Jaha then enlists the recently turned Abby to begin convincing the remaining citizens of Arkadia to enter the City of Light. Meanwhile, Jasper is able to escape and find Raven, who he knocks unconscious to prevent any interception from A.L.I.E. Jasper loads Raven into a truck and drives straight through the front gates of Arkadia. A confused Clarke arrives and jumps into the truck as the residents of Arkadia attempt to retrieve Raven. Clarke notices Abby and panics at the sight of her own mother turning to the dark side. The entire City of Light subplot is interesting, but feels somewhat out of place in the general story of the show. After ten episodes, viewers still know very little about what the City of Light actually is. Will anyone be able to stop A.L.I.E. and Jaha’s plans?

My major problem with this episode is the entire subplot dealing with Murphy and Ontari in Polis. Following Ontari’s self-declaration as the new Commander, several of the ambassadors begin questioning the legitimacy of her ascension to the throne. Much of the storyline this episode includes Murphy helping Ontari convince the ambassadors that she is the rightful successor to the throne. There is an odd back-and-forth between the two characters as Ontari reveals that she does not fully trust Murphy. The character of Murphy has been thrown into various subplots this season, leaving him feeling out of place. Murphy’s reasoning for helping Ontari is never really explained, aside from the fact that there appears to be some romantic tension between the two. While the next Commander is an important aspect of the story, I found myself lacking any interest in this particular part of the episode.

After an intense and heartbreaking episode last week, “Fallen” is able to maintain the level of intensity, but struggles with several of the problems from earlier episode this season. However, the performances this episode are definitely a high point. Lindsey Morgan gives a standout performance as the tortured and damaged Raven. The threat of Pike is another positive of this episode. What will Clarke and the others do to save their loved ones? Be sure to tune in to “The 100” next Thursday at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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