Spoiler Warning for this week’s episode of “The 100”

The 100 - Eliza Taylor as Clarke and Bob Morley as Bellamy -- Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW
The 100 – Eliza Taylor as Clarke and Bob Morley as Bellamy — Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW

“The 100” takes a dark and emotional turn in the latest shocker of an episode. After the great victory last week, tragedy strikes our band of characters once again. With significant character development and several different twists and turns, this episode is yet another thrilling addition to this phenomenal half-season.

An incredibly creepy scene opens the episode; Miller, Harper and Bryan take shelter from a storm in the cave. For some odd reason, Miller decides to share the frightening story about a massacre that happened on the Ark shortly Unity Day. Miller leaves the cave to use the bathroom and Bryan leaves soon after to check on him. Harper follows to investigate after hearing a noise; suddenly she is attacked by an anonymous figure wearing a mask. This opening sequence expertly establishes an eerie tone that continues through the rest of the episode.

Clarke and the team make their way back to an abandoned Arkadia. It appears that A.L.I.E. and Jaha led the mindless citizens of Arkadia, including Abby, to find their next group of victims. Octavia struggles after the death of Lincoln, however, Jasper consoles her. Jasper and Octavia have both lost loved ones, so this scene is truly touching and further develops both characters. Octavia discovers Lincoln’s notebook full of drawings of her; this only adds to the devastation felt by viewers and Octavia alike. The notebook also contains a map to the location of Luna, the sole survivor of Lexa’s conclave and one of the final remaining Nightbloods. Out of nowhere, Jasper and Octavia are attacked by the same mysterious man that assaulted Harper, Miller and Bryan.

While the others formulate a plan, Bellamy checks out Arkadia’s armory. He discovers that Jaha and A.L.I.E. left all of the guns and ammunition. Meanwhile, Raven and Sinclair share what they have learned about the Flame with Clarke. They realize that the Flame is voice activated, so they begin saying common Grounder phrases. Sinclair is able to deduce that the keyword is likely a Latin phrase due to the fact that Becca’s book contains many Latin writings. They say the phrase “seek higher things” in Latin; this activates the Flame, but it quickly shuts down due to its lack of a host. Only a Nightblood can be a host; anyone else that tries to use the Flame will be killed by it. Clarke and Monty make their way down a hallway to investigate creepy music that has suddenly begun playing. They find the source, a toy carousel, but are quickly ambushed by a barrage of red smoke. The mysterious attacker, equipped with a gas mask, arrives and viciously attack Clarke. She fights back, managing to remove the gas mask; the attacker is revealed to be Emerson, the last survivor of Mount Weather who was last seen in “Bitter Harvest.” Clarke is able to escape Emerson and make her way back to Bellamy, but the situation only worsens from here.

Clarke radios Raven and Sinclair, who are in the hangar bay studying the Flame, to warn them of Emerson. Raven and Sinclair lock the area down, but Emerson has already made his way in. He cuts the power and stalks Raven and Sinclair with his night-vision goggles. Raven hides in a rover as Emerson brutally attacks Sinclair. A highly emotional scene follows as Raven tearfully says goodbye to a dying Sinclair. Emerson apprehends Raven and drags her away as Bellamy and Clarke arrive. These scenes are incredibly tense and frightening to watch; the return of Emerson is yet another shocking twist to the story. Clarke radios Emerson and tries to establish a deal; she demands that Emerson let her friends go if she agrees to turn herself in. Emerson accepts the offer and tells Clarke to meet him at the airlock without any weapons; Bellamy follows closely behind, armed.

The other storyline of this episode follows Murphy and Ontari in Polis. This subplot is far less interesting than the events occurring in Arkadia, however, some major developments do occur. While strolling the markets of Polis, Murphy reunites with Emori; their romantic relationship continues, but out of the eyesight of Ontari. Murphy basically explains everything to Emori about his fake role as Flamekeeper for the Commander. Later, Ontari sits in the throne room and listens to the grievances of her constituents. Out of nowhere, Jaha shows up and begins cleverly persuading Ontari to join the City of Light. Emori arrives and shows support for Jaha’s claims; she also completely throws Murphy under the bus by revealing him as a fraud in regards to his role as Flamekeeper. Emori, feeling betrayed after hearing the revelation, has Murphy arrested. Later in the episode, Ontari is shown with Emori and Jaha in the throne room with A.L.I.E. sitting in the Commander’s throne; A.L.I.E. chillingly declares that it is time to fill the City of Light. This scene perfectly represents the rapid rise to power that A.L.I.E. has had this season. With A.L.I.E. calling the shots now, will anyone be able to put a stop to her madness?

Back in Arkadia, Clarke makes her way to the airlock, but Emerson immediately demands that Bellamy turn over his weapon and join the other hostages. Emerson holds Octavia at knife-point, prompting Bellamy to instantly follow the commands. This highlights Bellamy’s true caring nature that he has towards Octavia, regardless of everything they have been through lately. Emerson exits the airlock and shuts off the oxygen supply before grabbing Clarke. With the lives of nearly all of her friends at stake, Clarke makes a sharp decision and utters the Latin phrase before jamming the Flame into Emerson’s neck. The Flame digs itself into a squirming Emerson as Clarke rescues her friends; Emerson dies a truly horrific death that is strikingly similar to the deaths of the victims at Mount Weather, minus the strange technology. The episode ends in a truly touching way as the group gathers to hold a traditional Grounder funeral ceremony for Sinclair and Lincoln. Octavia breaks down at the sight of Lincoln’s lifeless body; Marie Avgeropoulos gives an absolutely stunning performance in this episode, specifically in this scene. The bodies of Lincoln and Sinclair are burned as the group recites Grounder and Skaikru sayings. Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and Jasper head out to find Luna while Raven and the others stay behind in Arkadia. Is Luna the key to stopping A.L.I.E. and Ontari?

“Demons” is yet another thrilling episode of “The 100” that perfectly blends emotions with intense action. This episode features the shocking death of Sinclair, who has been a mainstay of the Sky People since the very first episode. How will the loss of Sinclair affect Raven and the others? I’m very much interested to see the enigmatic Luna, who has been teased throughout the last few episodes. What is her relation to Lexa? My prediction is that Luna is a long lost twin of Lexa. Will Clarke and the others be able to find her? Be sure to tune in to “The 100” next Thursday at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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