Five reasons why you should climb Crowders Mountain

| April 14, 2016
Photo by Candice Kelly

Photo by Candice Kelly

If you haven’t been to Crowders Mountain yet, you are missing out on a treat. Located about an hour from campus, Crowders Mountain offers a variety of hiking trails that are free and open to the public. Here are some reasons you should get out and make the trek.

It’s a great workout

Everyone wants to stay in shape and be healthy. But gyms are crowded and sweaty and they often make people feel uncomfortable. Trudging up the steep hills can really work the thighs and glutes. Some people push themselves further by jogging up the mountain instead of just walking. Hiking at a steady pace can also burn hundreds of calories. The rugged terrain challenges your body and allows for more variety than simply walking on a treadmill. Also, backpacking or carrying weights while walking can double the amount of calories burned during a hike and will really pack on the intensity.

Fun group activity

Grab some of your closest pals and make a day trip visiting Crowders. There are areas to have picnics along with a welcome center to pick up a map and learn a little bit more about this historic landmark. It’s so exciting to journey with your friends over boulders and around tree branches, following a trail in the woods. It’s like a treasure hunt for adults. You can laugh and tell stories, making a three hour hike feel like 20 minutes. After the hike is over there are many picnic areas where everyone can eat lunch and socialize.

The thrill

The child in all of us still craves adventure and excitement. We want those bone rattling, spine shaking moments that seem to come all too rarely these days. Climbing a mountain and getting to the top is such an adrenaline rush. And though it is very dangerous and not recommended, extreme thrill seekers may want to go off the path and explore the woods along the mountain side.

The view

After looking down on Charlotte from hundreds of feet in the air, pictures just don’t do it justice. The breathtaking view of North Carolina’s lush green terrain will be worth the sore legs and sweaty palms. The clear blue skies are straight overhead and it feels as if you are sharing the air with the birds. The soothing whistle of the wind personifies the beautiful plant life that is so bountiful in our great state. If you look far enough in the distance, Charlotte’s skyline appears, surrounded by tiny streets and tiny residential areas. It truly is a one of a kind experience.

Accomplishing a goal

Climbing a mountain may sound like a monstrous goal, but it’s really not as daunting as it seems. If you’re someone who isn’t used to working out, perhaps going on a few walks first will loosen up those muscles. After finally making it to the top, all of the fatigue will be replaced with a sense of sweet satisfaction. Besides the bragging rights, you will always have the victorious memory to look back on when feeling discouraged. It’s important to celebrate this accomplishment and enjoy the moment when it comes.


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