Photo courtesy of FOX Television
Photo courtesy of FOX Television

“This is the end”

This is what caps the end message of the now famous opening title sequence for “The X-Files,” typically reading “The truth is out there,” the change is a justifiable choice if not simply for the fact that “My Struggle: Part II,” the continuation of the pilot episode, is the season finale in this revival miniseries of “The X-Files.” Taking place after the events of “Babylon,” this episode starts with Agent Mulder (David Duchovny) going missing and Agent Scully (Gillian Anderson), along with rookie agents Einstein (Lauren Ambrose) and Miller (Robbie Amell), begin a search for him, all the while fighting a violent epidemic of Anthrax.

In theory, this sounds like the makings of a pulse-pounding episode, and for about 70% of it, it was. My biggest complaints come with the sheer ridiculousness of some of the claims of the episode, stating that aliens have injected a chosen few people with alien DNA simply to keep them immune during this epidemic of Anthrax, DNA in which Scully conveniently has. Perhaps these claims seemed so wild simply because it was Scully making them this time around, with Mulder being that of the seemingly logical one.

Scully (Anderson) attempts to convince Einstein (Ambrose) and Miller (Amell) of the supernatural element behind the Anthrax outbreak
Scully (Anderson) attempts to convince Einstein (Ambrose) and Miller (Amell) of the supernatural element behind the Anthrax outbreak

This episode, like “Babylon,” also gives Einstein and Miller much to work with, with Einstein taking most of the spotlight here with Scully. Of the modern twists placed upon this new mini-series, the inclusion of these two new characters, used possibly to mirror Mulder and Scully for a possible spin-off, were my favorite. The similarities to the agents are uncanny, but also find a nice balance in finding unique qualities in both as to not construct a complete character rehash.

But then, we must reach the end and with 8 minutes left to go, I was wondering how on Earth they were going to wrap this up before the end of the runtime.

Short answer: they didn’t.

What the f**k, man? Why did you have to do this to us? Not only is this ending completely unsatisfying, if this miniseries isn’t picked up to return for another season, we have left one of the best series’ of all time on a terrible cliffhanger that is far more angering than thrilling. To make an episode a continuation of another episode, there comes a certain connotation that you might in fact round out a story, not doing that in the slightest is a cop-out and one that simply indicates lazy writing and perhaps FOX’s unwillingness to take a chance with this revival.

“My Struggle: Part II” is a pretty solid episode, right up until the end, with a sourly disheartening ending that only Satan would enjoy. If “The X-Files” doesn’t come back for an 11th season, this will have to be one of the most depressing endings to a great TV show ever, perhaps even slashing “The Sopranos.” To simply cut off a story right in the middle of the story is lazy and completely devalues everything that “The X-Files” was about. I was just beginning to enjoy the heightened stakes in this episode and it all came crashing down.

“My Struggle: Part II”: 2.5/5

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