Friday Night Live – JR De Guzman

Comedian and musician JR De Guzman takes the UNC Charlotte crowd by storm in an event you should be sorry you missed

| February 10, 2016

Photos by Ashwin Ananthapadmanabhan and Erin Cortez .

“Friday Night Live” on Feb. 5 was not the event it should have been considering the talent that was present with musician and comedian JR De Guzman. Although De Guzman was not supposed to be on his own according to the advertisement for the event, he was able to captivate the crowd for the entire two hours that he performed by weaving comedic timing and edge into his guitar songs. De Guzman’s strength comes from finding humor coupled with making insightful points on topics such as race and homelessness while not at all losing his light hearted persona in the joke that he is making.

Though the crowd itself was small enough to be counted on two or three hands, De Guzman still brought his A-game to the performance. He took every opportunity he could to interact with the audience and make sure that everybody was enjoying themselves. A confident comedian, you could see his gears turning even after the show, while thinking of something quick witted to say and showing no hesitation in his humor. In a way De Guzman reminded me somewhat of Dave Chappelle’s delivery, raunchiness and social commentary while at the same time coming off as completely original. This is an act that definitely deserves be welcomed back to UNC Charlotte at a later time and be seen by more people.

From what I got from him after the show, it is evident that De Guzman is really in love with going on the road and performing in front of others. He is somebody that lives with his parents because he travels so much that paying for a permanent residence does not make sense. He is someone that gears his jokes to what people might want to talk about at any given time and in that way showing that he works to serve his audience. It is a shame that he did not receive enough attention from the school this go around but the next time he is in town, I will make sure to let people know about him.

If you doubt what I am telling you or would like to learn more about the comedian I just reviewed, you should look up some of his YouTube videos or his official website. I promise that he will have a joke ready for you to laugh at. Watching his act on “Friday Night Live” was a lot like hearing a good music artist before they get popular. Maybe their material isn’t much yet, but its fresh and new and I hope to hear more from them.

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