Name: Stephanie Dycus

" /> Name: Stephanie Dycus

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Workout Wednesday: gfit profile, Stephanie Dycus

| January 28, 2015

Name: Stephanie Dycus

Stephanie Dycus is a junior dance and athletic training instructor who teaches salsa. Photo courtesy of Stephanie Dycus

Stephanie Dycus is a junior dance and athletic training instructor who teaches salsa. Photo courtesy of Stephanie Dycus

Class Status: Junior

Major: Dance and Athletic Training

What class/classes do you teach? Salsa (currently) and Cardio Dance

What makes your class stand out from all the rest of classes UNC Charlotte offers?

Salsa is not only a good workout, but it’s a lot of fun. Sometimes when I’m dancing I’ll forget that I’m actually exercising and can dance for hours on end. That’s the kind of energy and excitement I hope to bring to my class.

What made you want to do group fitness as a job?

I actually discovered my love for Latin Dance through the Group Fitness Salsa Class led by Karen, a previous GFIT instructor. I call her my ‘salsa mom’ and look to her unending energy as inspiration for my own class.

What class do you aspire to teach?

I would love to get certified in BODY JAM and maybe even Yoga.

What is the hardest thing about being a GFit instructor?

There’s a certain performance quality that we as GFIT instructors need to have. You not only have to have good communication skills, you also need to have amazing energy to help energize your class to get through the hard stuff and make everything fun. You also have to find that balance between working your class hard enough for them to see results and working them too hard to where you scare them away from your class. It’s an art form, really.

What is the biggest misconception about GFit instructors or group fitness in general?

I think that the biggest misconception I personally had about GFIT is that it’s mostly for women. You usually see the majority of the guys in the gym and the ladies in GFIT classes. However GFIT is great for everyone. Sure, there are more women than men, but it’s meant to be enjoyed by everyone (especially for my salsa class for partner work! Don’t be shy, guys!)

What advice would you give to anybody who wants to become a GFIT instructor?

If you want to do it, go for it. It’s definitely a challenge, but anything in life will contain hurdles. Having desire for something makes the battle much easier. For aspiring GFIT instructors, I would say have good energy and make sure you’re a good communicator.

Stephanie teaches every Wednesday night at 8 p.m. in the Student activity center group fitness room.

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