Rachael Yamagata at the Visulite Theatre

Pianist celebrates 10th anniversary

| November 4, 2014
Rachael Yamagata, Courtesy of rachaelyamagata.com

Rachael Yamagata, Courtesy of rachaelyamagata.com


Coming to Charlotte on Nov.  7, Rachael Yamagata brings her light, melodic symphony to the Visulite Theatre.

Yamagata’s been in and out of the spotlight for multiple years, lending herself to collaborative projects with names such as Jason Mraz and Mandy Moore, and as well being included in multiple soundtracks which she gives much more life to, including shows as far back as “The O.C.” and most recently “How I Met Your Mother” and “30 Rock.”

Her sound directly emphasizes her mastery as a pianist with much of her music being slow and sweet, going so far as to establish a mellow mood upon the first notes played. She first established herself as part of the Chicago-based band Bumpus as a vocalist until leaving in 2001 to pave the way for her solo career. Since then, she’s contributed much through her soft melodies, putting together 3 full-length studio albums and 5 EP’s, the most recent being Heavyweight. Her next studio album is currently in the works and is due out in early 2015.

“I work the sounds based on the story. I was lucky to grow up listening to my parent’s favorite singer songwriters like Paul Simon, Carole King, Rickie Lee Jones, Stevie Wonder, The Beach Boys and so on, and so the story and lyrical content was always my starting point.” As well as taking her parent’s generation of music for inspiration, Rachael Yamagata’s also been compared to the likes of Rufus Wainwright and Ryan Adams, a few of whom she’s also toured with. “I love strings and dramatic orchestration, but also the power behind simplicity. For every album I try to create a backdrop of sound that lifts the song.”

This tour accompanies the 10th anniversary of Happenstance, her first studio album recorded back in 2004. Looking back at it, she did not go for a particular theme on her first solo outing, yet in a sweet, sad kind of way it included a “chock full of romantic heartache.” “It was my first record 10 years ago and I was focusing heavily on the different stages on love and separation.” It’s evidenced in this that much of her music plays lightly upon the heart, drawing forlorn memories of love near and far with a mix of emotion.

Yamagata will be at the Visulite Theatre this Friday, Nov. 7. Whether it is to find an end to the week with a sweet draw of the heart strings or to celebrate her 10-year anniversary as a solo artist with multiple accomplishments, it looks to be a lovely evening. Why not spend it on a guided tour of warm emotion?


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