Photo Courtesy of Uh Huh Her.
Photo Courtesy of / Brad Thomas Ackley.

Looking for a new sound to get into for the summer? Following the release of their third album “Future Souls” on March 25, Uh Huh Her is coming to the Visulite Theatre on May 22, bringing their electro-pop soulfulness to our airwaves.

In their newest album, as with the name sake, “Future Souls” has a lot to do with the questions– Where are we going? What are we evolving into? Where does your soul go?

“It comes back to the title,” says Camila Grey, one side of the duo that consists of her and Leisha Hailey.

“I’m constantly questioning what the hell is going on with this planet. We’re on a big ball floating through space around another larger ball of fire. That constantly perplexes me, and I’m like, ‘What the f— is this? Where are we?’ Those questions culminated in a lot of the new songs.”

With a view set to the future, it seems the two artists actually have a very calm as well as resounding site of it. The music produced in this album provides a very relaxing approach on the subject, starting off with “Innocence,” playing over thoughts over the present and past in the vocals with the soft drums that add a layer of meditation.

“Shiine” takes more advantage of the synthetic beats, adding less emphasis on the vocals added in and focusing more on a grooves that’s hard not to smile at. “Fine Lines White Lies” gives a slight call back to Daft Punk’s “Crescendolls” from the start while moving into while moving into a calm call of betrayal that is the song’s namesake.

Lastly, and one of my favorites, is “Nuthin Without Your Love,” which cranks up the electric background with an added pleasure of a soulful underground symphony. It combines a few different genres into a short but extremely sweet set.

All and all, I’ve found a lot of things incredibly appealing with this album, which I hope you will as well. You can check out their site at to get a short taste as well as tour dates, or hit up iTunes to give your libraries an expansion on relaxation.

Uh Huh Her will be at the Visulite Theatre on May 22, with tickets starting at $15 in advance and $18 the day of the show.