Just a regular morning coffee break for Octodad. Image courtesy of Young Horses


‘Octodad: Dadliest Catch’

“Octodad: Dadliest Catch” is the story of an anthropomorphized octopus who has somehow managed to keep his true identity hidden from his decidedly human family. Players are tasked with guiding the uncoordinated cephalopod through various moments of his life, and keeping up the charade as convincingly as possible. According to developer Young Horses, “Octodad: Dadliest Catch” will be recklessly flailing onto PC and PS4 sometime in early 2014.



Supergiant Games’ sophomore effort “Transistor” is expected to release on PC and PS4 sometime in early 2014. “Transistor” plays host to the same carefully­ crafted combination of visual style and music that earned the studio’s hit game “Bastion” awards from TIME, NPR and many video game centric publications. Following the story of Red, an influential singer in the city of Cloudbank whose voice is mysteriously stolen, “Transistor” layers elements of turn­based strategy over top of the action heavy elements Supergiant Games has already perfected.


‘The Vanishing of Ethan Carter’

The Astronauts is a small studio started by Adrian Chmielarz, the former owner of game studio People Can Fly. ­It most recently worked with North Carolina’s own Epic Games to release a title in the “Gears of War” series. Chmielarz’s team made waves towards the end of 2013 with images of their project, “The Vanishing of Ethan Carter,” and its impressive visuals. The atmospheric horror title doesn’t have a release date yet, but the studio suggests “it’s a question of months,” not years, until the game releases on PC.


‘The Walking Dead: Season 2’

Telltale Games breathed new life into interactive fiction games with the introduction of their take on “The Walking Dead” in 2012. The first season introduced new characters and stories to the world of “The Walking Dead,” while remaining true to the source material’s uncompromising nature. The first episode of the new season has already released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. With new episodes launching roughly a month apart, there’s plenty of time to catch up and follow along.


‘Mercenary Kings’

“Mercenary Kings” is a crazy blend of old school gaming and ’80s action movies, with a visual style that those familiar with the Scott Pilgrim universe will recognize. The side­-scrolling, 2D adventure follows the exploits of a group of misfit mercenaries, focusing heavily on cooperative gameplay— and explosions. Indie developer Tribute has already released the title for PC on Steam as part of the platform’s Early Access program and has announced plans to release the game on other platforms.