Benvenuto! Italian is now officially offered as a minor for students to take at UNC Charlotte.

The idea arose in 2012. One year later in December, the proposal was approved and added to the list of programs that students can minor in.

The program consists of 18 to 20 credit hours which can be broken into six three-credit classes and up to two one-credit classes above the level of 1202.

To succeed in the minor, students would need to take two language classes at the intermediate level and two language courses at the advanced level. They would also need two “topics” classes at the 3000 level in Italian language, film or culture.

The Italian film and culture classes are taught in English but have a one-hour additional language component that is worth one credit towards the minor.

Another class 49ers can now take to put towards their minor is a 3000 level course that is an adjunct of work done through Moodle and a study abroad program. The study abroad program takes place during spring break.

For the study abroad portion of the class, students will be travel to the region of Veneto, Italy with Italian Director of Italian Programs and Assistant Director of Film Studies Daniela Cunico Dal Pra.

The study abroad program is called La Serenissima; Journey to the Region of Veneto.

Students who go will visit numberous historic locations in Italy such as Vicenza, Padua, Venice and Verona. Since this program is part of the class, students will be doing academic work as well. It is predicted that only about 10 students will have the opportunity to travel with Dal Pra to Italy.

Dal Pra is also the co-author of the textbook for first and second year students in Italian.

The program is expanding rapidly throughout the department and is an up and coming language to the students at UNC Charlotte.

It would be Dal Pra’s dream come true to have Italian offered as a major as well. “Among the varying of students that take Italian, there is an increasing number of Spanish speaking students that take courses in Italian,” said Dal Pra.

Not only do Italian courses help Spanish speaking students learn another language, but it helps them improve their Spanish as well.

Having latin as the base root of Italian makes it easier for speakers of other romance languages to take these Italian courses. Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese are just a few.

Italian courses meet twice a week.

According to Dal Pra, it is best for students to meet three times a week face to face. That way the students would be more interacted with the classroom environment and speaking the language amongst one another.

Classes will be offered over the summer which will be four days a week and are three to four hours a day.

Dal Pra says that overall, the students who take summer courses will get more out of them because professors will have more one-on-one time with the students.

All of the professors and lecturers of the Italian courses offered at UNC Charlotte are native Italian speakers who try to interconnect students with the heritage and culture of Italian, not just with the language.

For more information on the Italian program, click here.

Editor’s note: This article was also published in the  Niner Times paper publication. Please note that the writer should be  Angela Alimi, an intern for the Niner Times.

My name is Angela Alimi. I am a 3rd year student here at UNC-Charlotte. I am majoring in Public Health and minoring in Philosophy. I've always thought that journalism was an important part of ones life. Writing down your own stories and going out to find new ones and write about them were always important to me.