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UPDATE: 2:15 p.m., Aug. 28, 2013

After the outpouring of questions on Twitter and through students on campus, many rumors and inaccurate facts spread quickly regarding the second lottery.

The Niner Times spoke with Jesse Garber to help clear up any confusion students might have.

To help break down the details of the second lottery, imagine the second lottery being a big bowl with pingpong balls. If you were a student that requested a ticket but did not receive one, you get one pingpong ball with your name on it to put in said bowl.

Because Niner Nation Gold (NNG) is a student organization you have to rejoin each year – and you haven’t renewed your membership – you still can sign up to be a part of NNG. When you sign up for NNG, you automatically get eight loyalty points. If you haven’t already signed up for NNG for the 2013-2014 year, you still can. In turn, those eight loyalty points would give you eight more pingpong balls to add to the bowl. Take away from this? If you are a member of NNG for the current academic year, you will receive eight pingpong balls to add to the bowl.

According to the Niner Nation Loyalty Point Overview, “Students must accumulate at least 10 NNLP’s to be eligible for roll over. Students that did not reach the minimum will have zero (0) points rolled over.”

It’s also noted in the overview that only a percentage of loyalty points are rolled over from the previous year. The percentage is dependent on your current class rank. Per the overview, the percentages are as follows:

  • Sophomore: 10 percent
  • Junior: 15 percent
  • Senior: 20 percent
  • Graduate/doctorate: 20 percent

It should be noted that points will be rounded to the nearest whole number.

Those rollover points essentially turn into more pingpong balls to add to the bowl.

After all the pingpong balls are added to the pot when the current claim period ends on Aug. 29 at 9 a.m., the students that received tickets through the first lottery – but did not claim them – will be added to the original 100 tickets set aside for the second lottery.

After the current claim period ends on Thursday morning, students that receive tickets through the second lottery will be notified via email. They will only have two hours to claim their ticket. The claim period ends for the second lottery at 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 29.

If a student is not awarded a ticket, they are encouraged to check Ticket Return after the end of the claim period to see if any tickets have been returned.

For any other questions regarding student tickets or the second lottery, please contact the ticket office at (704) 687-4949.


ORIGINAL STORY: Published at 6:35 p.m., Aug. 27, 2013

This morning, UNC Charlotte students were informed via email regarding whether or not they received a golden ticket to the Charlotte 49ers inaugural game against Campbell on Aug. 31 at 12 p.m.

There were 7,500 tickets set aside just for students. UNC Charlotte has over 25,000 students – both undergraduate and graduate students.

With the demand being so high for Charlotte-Campbell football tickets, it was inevitable that there would be more than 7,500 students that would request a ticket. The 7,500 tickets set aside for students went to straight lottery after the loyalty points system was eliminated.

The lottery system was issued to ensure that every student – regardless of loyalty points accumulated from previous years or class rank – would have a fair and equal chance to catch the 49ers in action come Aug. 31.

In a recent change to the Charlotte 49ers Student Ticket Distribution Policy Overview, “All students who have REQUESTed a ticket online will have an equal chance of being awarded one of the first 7,400 tickets.”

The 7,400 tickets is a change from the original 7,500 tickets reserved for students. The other 100 tickets were held aside for a second lottery.

This morning – the morning that students who requested tickets were to get an email notification letting them know whether or not they were eligible to claim their hot ticket – campus was buzzing and Twitter was blowing up with students talking and tweeting about whether or not they received the highly sought after ticket.

Jesse Garber, assistant director of ticket operations for UNC Charlotte, laid out the specific details students need to know in regards to their tickets for the first Charlotte 49ers football game:

  • Tickets are nontransferable. The barcode on each ticket is unique and assigned to the student who requested it. A student ID must be presented at the door and must match the ID and name on the student ticket. If a student gives a ticket to another student, they will be turned away at the gate.
  • Duplicate tickets will not work. Once the barcode is scanned on the duplicate ticket, the scanner will read “ticket reprint – invalid entry” and the student will not be allowed entry.
  • Students who initially requested a ticket thinking they could give it away or sell it should not claim the ticket. The unclaimed ticket will go back into the second lottery on Thursday.
  • Students thinking about altering or manipulating tickets in any fashion should not do so.  An advisory printed on the student football tickets reads: “Anyone found duplicating or altering tickets in any way will be ejected from the stadium, lose ticket privileges and may be required to appear before Student Affairs.”

For any more questions regarding student tickets, contact the Ticket Office at 704-687-4949.

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Libby Weihsmann Libby Weihsmann is the 2013-2014 Sports Editor for the Niner Times. She is pursuing a Communications Studies degree with a concentration in Mass Media and a minor in Journalism at UNC Charlotte.

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Libby Weihsmann Libby Weihsmann is the 2013-2014 Sports Editor for the Niner Times. She is pursuing a Communications Studies degree with a concentration in Mass Media and a minor in Journalism at UNC Charlotte.