After 199 chapters, 1,090,739 words, seven books, 3363 pages, eight movies and 17 hours and 13 minutes, Harry Potter is a global phenomenon and international best-selling series.

PotterWatch, the official UNC Charlotte Harry Potter Club, will host their second PotterWatch conference Saturday, April 6, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“Our generation is one that grew up with Harry; we read him as children and became adults as he grew up in the novels. Now, as many of us enter academic fields and advanced studies, we apply our knowledge of sociology, religious affiliations and literary theory to Harry Potter, revisiting the stories and exploring them in new and different ways,” said Mary Catherine Miller, who came up with the idea of having the convention last year.

The day will start at 8 a.m. with bagels and coffee. Then “The Roles of Hermione Granger” will kick off the discussions at 9 a.m. Speakers from various colleges will hold the series of discussions. It is an opportunity for fans to share their adoration of the wizarding world with others.

Niners are not the only fans attending the conference. Potter fans from around the country are invited to bring their curiosity as well.

PotterWatch President Amanda Honey says that they should expect about 50 to 75 people for the full day of presenters.

Schools other than UNC Charlotte have been hosting academic conferences as well. “An Academic Conference for Harry Potter is not unheard of,” said Honey.

The conference’s keynote speaker is John Granger, whose nickname is “Dean of Harry Potter Scholar.”

Since 2002, Granger has written multiple books, spoken to many crowds and has appeared on TV shows such as CNN’s “Paula Zahn Now” to discuss his ideas behind the Potter passion. He will be closing the event at 4 p.m. with the Keynote Address.

Suggested topics to be explored are: Harry Potter in the academic setting, fan responses to the series, generational appeal, Harry Potter online, and Warner Brothers and the Potter Franchise.

For more information pertaining to the event, including travel information and a schedule of events, visit

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