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Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.

Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.

With Valentine’s day upon us, many  singles have their heart set on someone special they’ve seen around campus. For those who fall in love multiple times a day, there is a definite challenge. How can you wear your heart on your sleeve for someone if you don’t even know who they are?

UNC Chapel Hill graduate Taylor Kolasinski knows all about this woe of the heart and created last November with the intention to help alleviate this problem.

“I wanted a way to connect and talk to all the cute girls I saw around campus that I felt like I was connecting with,” Kolasinski explains. “It’s a widespread and shared problem on college campuses, not being able to just approach someone that you have no relationship with besides the fact you’re both in the same spot at that particular moment.”

The premise of Oh Hey is simple. Think Craigslist Missed Connections, but about 1,000 times less creepy and a million times more cute. Have you passed by a cute girl eating Bojangles at the Cone Center and want to find her? Is there a guy in your calc class you’ve been making eyes with? Is there a hot tutor at the WRC you can’t get out of your head, but too shy to tell her?   Connect anonymously with the lucky guy or girl at by making a post. As the slogan of the website reads, you can “Be bold. Stay cute. Remain anonymous.”

The post won’t leave your intended guessing as it includes all info needed- location spotted, time of encounter and a brief description of the moment.

Even while keeping busy finishing up a double major in mathematics and economics, Kolasinski came up with the idea, website design and marketing campaign for Oh Hey. The Portland-native first thought of Oh Hey in his sophomore year but admits that by the time he developed it he was already happily in a relationship and never got a chance to post on the site himself.

“If I’m not working, I’m probably running and usually wearing something unique, noticeable or short (like really short) in hopes I’ll read about it on Oh Hey,” Kolasinski jokes.

On the first day of Oh Hey’s launch, over 500 users registered on the UNC Chapel Hill site alone. After a revamp of the initial launch site, Oh Hey was receiving over 5,000 unique visitors to the site a day.

With the success of UNC Chapel Hill’s site, Kolasinski decided to spread the love to other college campuses and the site has platforms all the way from UC Berkeley to Harvard. In the past month, Oh Hey UNC Charlotte opened up to heartsick students and has received upwards of 200 UNC Charlotte registered users so far.  Once more register, a personalized feed  for Charlotte students only will be opened.

Between the 3,000 and growing registered users of total, most of them  attend UNC Chapel Hill, Duke, Georgetown and Washington State. The growing UNC Charlotte users is good news for those looking to get their flirt on, as Kolasinski has made it possible to connect with those who’s posts look a little too familiar.

Being able to make a connection from what would have just been a missed opportunity is the reason Kolasinski started the site.

“There’s a lot of reasons why these connections don’t happen,” he explains.  “Whether it’s from a lack of confidence, fear of rejection or embarrassment, and even just not knowing what to say. Oh Hey is unique in that it’s a place that gives the confident another channel to flirt and be witty, and provide the shy a place to break out and be cute. ”

Posts range from quirky to romantic enough to elicit more than a few “awws.” But which is the founder’s favorite?

“It’s hard to pick a favorite,” Kolasinski says. “There’s a lot of creative ones, ranging from nerdy science and math related flirts to Harry Potter pickup lines. You really can’t pick just one.”

With a mobile app on the way, Kolasinski is trying to make the experience as seamless as possible. He is hoping the site will take off well with new universities that were added, including UNC Charlotte.

“What will be made available in the coming weeks is the login portion of the site, the area that allows you to comment on posts and private message and chat with the individuals who posted,” Kolasinski explains. “This is where the connections are made. However, we will only open that up to a university when there is a predetermined number of registered users from that institution, so we encourage all to register and share with their friends.”

For those ready to make a move, visit and register with your school email at

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Liz Lanier Liz Lanier is the former Arts & Entertainment editor of the Niner Times. You can find more of her writing in Game Informer Magazine, the Virginian-Pilot and The Charlotte Observer.


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Liz Lanier Liz Lanier is the former Arts & Entertainment editor of the Niner Times. You can find more of her writing in Game Informer Magazine, the Virginian-Pilot and The Charlotte Observer.