Where is your favorite place to eat on campus?

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Shane Sampson, an Undeclared sophomore

Tenneh Lissa, a freshman Pre-Biology Major











Here at UNC Charlotte, students find themselves surrounded by an array of food. With every corner turned there’s a student walking with a sandwich from Jimmy Johns or a slice of pizza from Toppers.

I don’t know about you all, but that surely makes a person hungry, even if you just got finished stuffing your face at Crown Commons.

Maisie Mraz, a freshman majoring in Communications was asked where her favorite place to eat was and without hesitating she looked up, smiled and responded with, “Einstein Bros.”

After the Pumpkin Bagel was added to their menu for the fall season, she couldn’t resist purchasing one every now and then saying, “The employees there are really friendly, and they always make it just right.” After being asked to rate Einstein Bros. she gave it some thought and responded with an eight out of 10.

So does everyone go to Einstein Bros. to grab something to eat? Probably not.

Shannon Pancake, a freshman majoring in Dance deemed the Resident Dining Hall (RDH) her favorite place on campus to eat. RDH has a buffet and she’s a sucker for their grilled cheese and burgers.

She complimented RDH on their convenience to her as well as the staff saying, “People at RDH are friendly. They actually have conversations with students.” Her rate, a seven and a half out of 10

Shannon Pancake, a freshman Dance Major

Filling his plate with burgers, pizza and fries is Ross McBee an undeclared freshman. He endures that mile long walk from the highrises to the Student Union just to grab a meal at Crown Commons, saying, “Crown has a restaurant like feel.” He gave crown an eight out of 10.

Most likely behind him in the line to enter Crown Commons is Tenneh Lissa a freshman majoring in Pre-Biology.

She quickly fills her plate with pizza, ham and turkey sandwiches and cheese fries. She appreciates how fast the staff at Crown Commons is, “They have good service.”  Her score falls a little under, giving Crown Commons a seven out of 10.

Not one for the dining halls is Shane Sampson an undeclared sophomore.

He stops at Bojangles every now and then to order himself a chicken supreme meal before heading to class. He complimented Bojangles on their customer service stating, “I’m able to go up and order knowing that the meals are freshly made.”  He gives Bojangles an eight out of 10

Well it looks like your peers have spoken, hopefully without their mouths being full.

And it seems that a lot of the students here like eating at the dining halls on campus. I guess that high school stereotype of gross food being served during meals is no more.

Nevertheless, the next time you don’t know where you should go to eat and your favorite place is closed, give Bojangles or Einstein Bros. a try. You never know, you may have a new favorite place waiting for you to walk through its doors.

Maise Mraz, a freshman Communications major

Ross McBee, an Undeclared freshman

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  1. Adrianna says:

    Jyvon! Such a Cool article, Congrats! I can’t believe no one said chik-fil-a, that’s creme of the crop right there!

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