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NOW hosts Murder Mystery Dinner

| April 26, 2012

Hard crimes like murder don’t usually strike on campus. Until now.

Niners on the Weekend (NOW) is hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner event Saturday, April 28, 2012, at 7 p.m. in the Student Union. The show is free and open to all UNC Charlotte students.

“This event will be fun and exciting. Actors get up on stage and each plays a part in some sort of theme,” said James Contratto, assistant director for student activities of weekend programming.

During the show, a murder will take place and each actor will give his or her account of the incident and alibi. The audience determines who committed the murder. They are allowed to do interviews with the cast members and talk to them one on one. The entire show is an interactive experience for the audience.

“The actors are actually in the Charlotte area. [NOW] brings in actors from a company who specializes in murder mystery shows. These people are professionals,” said Contratto.

As far as the dinner meal goes, a lemon and garlic dish will be served along with salad, sweet corn, potatoes with parsley, a vegetable medley and cake.

“We are expecting a little over 100 students to attend the dinner. It should last one hour and a half to two hours,” said Contratto.

NOW hosts this event primarily because it is a part of the regular series for activities. Contratto believes students will always come out to a murder mystery dinner, especially a free one. Students will be wrapped up into the show, it is just that entertaining.

“UNC Charlotte has put on a murder mystery dinner night twice now. The last murder mystery night turned out to be pretty successful. Students have always been interested in an event like this,” said Contratto.

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