Earth Day: the underrated holiday

| April 26, 2012 | 0 Comments

April 22 is an important holiday that many people do not even seem to notice. Although a single day may not seem adequate to thank our planet for all that it has given us, the real point of the holiday is to raise awareness of the true injustices we are reaping upon our home. So why is it that a day like St. Patrick’s Day that honors an Irish saint has become far more popular than the day which honors the single entity that has given us everything?

I think many people ignore the pending issues of global warming, green house gases, etc. because they feel it’s too big of a problem for them to handle. In life there are many times when you have to make a decision and it usually comes down to an easy choice or the growth choice. Why do people prefer to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day to Earth Day? The answer is simple; because it’s easier. People would rather go to a pub and drink beer with friends than spread the truth that we are rapidly destroying our planet.

The earth supplies us with food, water, shelter, and pretty much everything else we have. There’s also an even bigger picture that we often forget to look at and that is the earth’s place in the cosmos. If we continue on the same course of nuclear bombs, global warming and complete neglect of our planet’s needs we’re going to end up with a huge mess on our hands. However the truth is that the earth will most likely be able to recuperate and function properly again and the only thing we will have destroyed is ourselves.

Most people live contentedly in bliss. However, when our ozone is destroyed and we have to walk around in suits covering all of our skin from the sun, this way of life may become a bit harder to maintain. Basically what I’m trying to say is that sure, St. Patrick’s Day is awesome and discussing the sure destruction of our Earth isn’t one of the best topics but in the long run the latter will pay off much more. If we could take a step back and see the big picture then maybe we could see how amazing our planet really is and how terrible the things we are doing to it really are.

In this case the growth choice is raising awareness. Don’t buy into the idea that you can’t change anything because the truth is you can. If you’re interested in helping to cut back on carbon emissions and save your planet you can begin by figuring our your carbon footprint here.

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